Posted on 9 June 2022

24 September 2021

Such fun to share a favourite recipe with Art Gallery of New South Wales

What have you been eating in lockdown?

Share your favourites with us !

My go-to comfort food is Linguine alla puttanesca! Follow the link for the easy recipe!

Art Gallery of New South Wales :

‘Spending so much time at home during lockdown I’ve found that my comfort foods have become more and more important. While I’ve been trying new recipes, I always come back to the old favourites.’

We asked broadcaster, designer and author Claudia Chan Shaw to help us celebrate cooking, creativity and ways to connect with ‘The Way We Eat at Home’ – here, she shares a dish perfect for a Friday night in!

‘Puttanesca sauce is the first proper pasta sauce I learned to make,’ Claudia said. ‘I have always loved any sauce that is tomato based and, given my Chinese heritage, the dish also suitably satisfies my love of noodles. The combination of just a few ingredients delivers a surprisingly complex infusion of salty, spicy and tangy flavours and is one of my favourite go-to comfort foods.’

Click through these photos to start your dinner daydreams, and find the full delicious recipe on our website:

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